MIPIM 2019 : architectour.lu + laix.lu

Luxembourg, an intelligent laboratory for holistic and resilient concepts in sustainable construction

The “Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils” (OAI) will be present at MIPIM 2019 in Cannes on the booth of the Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg (Riviera, level 1, booth R8.D14) with two highlights:

Book / Web / Film : 3rd edition of architectour.lu
architectour.lu has established itself as the leading guide to contemporary architecture, engineering, and urban development in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
It contributes to the promotion as part of the “Luxembourg – Let’s Make it Happen” campaign on www.inspiringluxembourg.public.lu and www.visitluxembourg.com websites.
The book will be available at MIPIM 2019 and can be downloaded on www.architectour.lu.

Book / Web / Film : “Design First, Build Smart”
www.laix.lu Luxembourg Architectes Ingénieurs-conseils eXchange / eXport

The focus lies firstly on projects dealing with contextual issues realized worldwide.
Secondly the publication shows the know-how from OAI members in certified ecological buildings in Luxembourg.
Besides the printed matter, the collected data is available online, www.laix.lu.


Good reasons to work worldwide with OAI members

Luxembourg, with its central position in Europe, always attracted a broad cultural diversity, creating new needs in the development of the built environment. This development acted as a real incubator for the dynamic growth in the building industry over the last decades.
Luxembourgish architects, interior architects, consulting engineers, urban designers / master planners and landscape architects / landscape engineers benefit from the vibrant environment to sharpen their ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances. Their multilingualism and their international experience acquired by studying in diverse countries equally served to build a reputation within the Greater Region that expanded through Europe. Also participating in architectural competitions and symposia proves an entrepreneurial drive that can be felt among Luxembourgish architects and consulting engineers.

The essence of Architects’ and Consulting Engineers’ profession embraces certain quality labels such as guaranteeing independence and ethics, defending public interest and interests of clients and users, integrity, being prepared to carry out principles of circular economy, using new tools like BIM and assuming responsibilities within the cradle-to-cradle issues. Luxembourg is therefore an ideal think tank for new ways of living smart technologies and innovative processes and collaborations.

Stay curious while discovering surprising Luxembourgish architecture, engineering and urbanism.

Pierre Hurt

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