Dennemeyer: the one-stop shop for global IP management


Intangible assets, such as copyrights, patents, designs or trademarks, play a strategic role in today’s economy. Intellectual property (IP) rights have become a major driver of economic development. As a result, the IP industry has grown significantly and is currently undergoing massive changes. Despite the industry trend towards consolidation, one of the leading IP service providers is still independent, self-funded and owner-managed. This Luxembourg-based group of companies with a worldwide presence is Dennemeyer.


The Dennemeyer Group has been protecting IP for more than 55 years. The company was founded in 1962 in Luxembourg by John J. Dennemeyer. Initially a patent law firm, Dennemeyer soon became a full-service provider, extending its services to the entire chain of IP management. “A succession of innovations has transformed our company into one of the world’s largest IP service providers”, said Maryse Heirend, Chief Operating Officer of the Dennemeyer Group. “Since the beginning, Dennemeyer has been dedicated to the development of improved ways to protect and preserve IP rights. In the 1970’s, the company expanded abroad and established its first foreign office in Stockport (UK). In the 1980’s, Dennemeyer was the first in the world to use computers for patent annuity payments. We were also among the first to offer a software for managing portfolios of patents and trademarks”.


A broad range of expertise out of one hand

The group now has 24 offices on all continents, employs more than 600 people, and has established a global network of agents in 180 of the most important jurisdictions. “We have a unique position on the global IP market”, added Maryse Heirend. “We are the only one-stop shop for IP global management. Our customers benefit from a broad range of expertise – all within one provider. We offer global IP law firm services (Dennemeyer & Associates), IP administrative services (Dennemeyer IP Solutions), IP consulting services (Dennemeyer Consulting) as well as IP software solutions. DIAMS iQ, our web-based IP asset management software, combines the most valuable features of both a client-server and a web-based application. With integrated document and workflow management functionality, our state-of-the-art IP management software supports all electronic record keeping needs. Dennemeyer is also the only company in the market that offers a high-quality temporary staffing service, IP Temps, for all IP asset types, companies, and law firms that need it”.


The first consultation completely free of charge

“We help our customers to get the most value of their IP rights”

Dennemeyer is a multi-skilled, multicultural and multilingual group with a customer centric motto. “It’s not a coincidence that we opened so many offices around the world”, said Olivier Lombardo, Head of Trademarks in Luxembourg. “We believe that our customers deserve the best representation wherever they want to protect their IP, in their language and in their time zone. Listening to customers is our highest priority and is why the first consultation is completely free of charge, whether on the phone or face to face. There are so many ways to protect ideas, creations and inventions, therefore, an in-depth conversation with the customer is key to exactly understand their business and define the best means of protection. Whether it’s a startup, an SME or a big multinational company, we adjust our advice. A startup doesn’t have the same financial resources as a big company does. So, we guide them to get suitable protections for their IP assets and help them develop their business with the highest level of safety at the lowest possible costs, layer after layer”.

“Not all ideas or inventions are patentable”, said Stéphane Speich, European Patent Attorney and Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney in Benelux and France. “For instance, a computer program claimed as such is not a patentable invention under the European Patent Convention (EPC). For a patent to be granted for a computer-implemented invention, a technical problem has to be solved in a new and non-obvious-manner. Patents are not granted merely for source codes. Source codes as such are protected by copyright. In this case, the best solution is to use a legal, secure online tool, like the Envelope I-Dépôt. That simple example shows that our main objective is to help our customers protect their IP rights in the most efficient ways and not to make fast profits”.


An online platform in 2019

To better serve its customers, Dennemeyer is currently digitizing a number of its services. In the next year, the group will launch a platform on which customers can watch, administrate and manage their IP portfolios to a larger degree. Once registered, they will have access to a private space and online products and services. In the beginning, the number of online services will be limited but progressively extended. “By launching this platform, we stay true to our brand’s values: putting the customer at the centre of all our activities, offering a holistic approach and always developing improved ways to protect and preserve intellectual property rights”, concluded Maryse Heirend.

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