«Future Generation» helps PwC Luxembourg to go TikTok

The «Future Generation» program, which has been in place since the fall of 2021, fulfilled recently a new mission: eight motivated young adults, all in search of their professional orientation and jobs, worked with PwC Luxembourg experts to help develop their new TikTok strategy and corresponding videos.

This program, unique in Europe, is a combination of learning-by-doing and solving real problems in innovative companies, where young adults with no work experience contribute their time as well as their creativity. They are accompanied both professionally and methodically.

«The idea is simple and intense in its impact: we propose to companies to apply for the commitment, the time and skills of young people to design and implement a project together with them. They must be projects that are important for the company or society, » elaborates Ariane Toepfer, managing director of Youth & Work. « With this, we turn the tables, which means that the young people no longer act as supplicants. This gives them back the feeling that they are important and needed».

Specifically, these young people working with PwC Luxembourg helped to develop a TikTokmarket analysis, as well as an in-depth research on TikTok’s best practices as part of the company’s communications plan.  In addition, the young people developed, shot and edited several videos. On December 12, the time finally arrived: PwC Luxembourg went online on TikTok.

For PwC Luxembourg, taking part in the «Future Generation» program was a rewarding experience. They appreciated the collaboration and the enthusiasm of the young people and their mentors along with their six week presence. The support of the eight Youth & Work volunteers helped their digital team to better understand the do’s and don’ts of TikTok and to ensure their account is a long-term success. The PwC team thanks them for their support and enthusiasm and wishes them all the best for their professional development and hopes that their journey at Crystal Park helped them to better understand what they want for their future.


«Future Generation is a practice-oriented example of interdisciplinary and unconventional measures to successfully integrate motivated young people looking for orientation and work into the labor market or into further education. In this context, orientation to future-oriented occupations is of particular importance. I point out that the youth unemployment rate is currently at 19.1%», explains Kristina Nincevic, partner and coach of Youth & Work, who coaches the young people both in this project and personally.

«I never thought I would be able to experience something like this», expresses Anastasiia Kotor, one of the participants. «For the first time, I was taken seriously and was able to contribute my knowledge. A lot of it I had taught myself and I was surprised that it was useful for this global company. Today, it’s clear to me what I’m going to do for a living».

In total, 270 young people will have the opportunity to gain professional experience, build their network, work in dynamic teams, and find an apprenticeship or job within six weeks of each other in a total of 18 different collaborations with companies. The results of the first six collaborations so far confirm the assumption: more than 70% of the young people reach their goal.

Future Generation is possible thanks to funding from the Fondation André Losch and the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

Future Generation is supported by three chambers of commerce: the Chambre des Métiers, the Chambre des Salariés and the Chambre de Commerce.

Interested companies and young people looking for work are welcome to contact Youth & Work.


Communiqué par Youth & Work / PwC Luxembourg
Photo: ©Youth & Work / PwC Luxembourg

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