PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day A tailor-made programme to help CISOs, DPOs and CEOs tackle cybersecurity challenges

● Meet European experts at Cybersecurity Day on 24 October, 2019 at PwC Luxembourg.

● Take full advantage of this year’s unique agendas: Cybersecurity for CISOs and security experts, the Privacy Corner for DPOs and persons in charge of data privacy, and the CEO Ticket for CEOs.

● Listen to top-class speakers including Jane Frankland, Rebecca Herold, Tim Cook and Harley Lovegrove.

● Participate in business matchmaking and join interactive breakout sessions.

● Discover five cybersecurity next-gen solutions – Asvin GmbH, CyNation Limited, RCDevs SA, Reblaze, Segasec – selected from over 50 applications from around the world.

● For this year’s PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day, which falls within the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Week, the focus will be on IT security to digital trust: how to help CISOs, DPOs and CEOs ensure they keep the organisation secure in a digital society.


About the Cybersecurity Day 2019
For the fourth time in Luxembourg, the PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day will bring together influential players from the cyber-industry. PwC Luxembourg has organised this year’s event into three distinct parts. The morning will be dedicated to CISOs with technical updates and cybersecurity solutions leaving the afternoon with dedicated sessions for our CISOs, DPOs and CEOs.
Participants will enjoy distinguished speakers from all over the world, representing a rich panel of thought leaders but with varying topics that have been picked according to our audience’s roles and interests and therefore resulting in three unique and tailor-made agendas. ( check on website ).

The PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day for CISOs ⁠—will offer security experts the chance to gain technical updates, meet five promising cybersecurity solutions and attend interactive workshops.
How to grow as a cyber leader, increase your cybersecurity effectiveness, SWIFT Customer Security Programme, what your data tells about you, manage your third- party providers or how to react in case of a crisis are some of the key topics covered by the PwC Cybersecurity Day this year.

The PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day – CEO Ticket has been specifically tailored to provide CEOs, during one afternoon, an in-depth understanding on strategic challenges around cybersecurity. It will be the occasion to focus on trends and on how to anticipate new information security and privacy challenges, followed by a keynote that will explain how to increase our influence over others and go through the role of an effective cyber leader to equip you in your daily work. Finally, because CEOs work closely with their cybersecurity leader, they will join the CISOs session to experience a real Hacking Experience together.

The PwC Luxembourg Cybersecurity Day – Privacy Corner will offer DPOs or persons in charge of Data Privacy the chance to gain technical updates and attend interactive workshops. We will welcome the CNPD to get feedback on CNPD governance investigation, and give our invitees the possibility to assist in sessions on various topics like CARPA, the roles and challenges of a global DPO, an introduction of the IAPP in Luxembourg, the challenge of data leak versus data breach and more. The Privacy professor, Rebecca Herold will expose her vision on how to prepare ourselves for privacy risk evolution. For all our invitees, at the end of the day, the best-selling author, and 21-year cyber security veteran Jane Frankland will help the audience to understand how cross-industry collaboration, and embracing diversity are the keys to building strong, secure and stable connected platforms, able to run both today’s and tomorrow’s services.


Other speakers highlights include:

Harly Lovegrove
Chairman of The Bayard Partnership. Thought leader in the field of change, programme and project
management. Broad experience within both SMEs and large multinational companies. Business coach,
keynote speaker and expert in running visionary workshops at all levels in business. Author of four books:
‘The Change Manager’s Handbook’, ‘Transition’, ‘Inspirational Leadership’ and ‘Making a Difference’ (an
interim manager’s view on solving tough business problems and how to bring about change). Guest
lecturer in Leadership and Change Management and many other topics at various management schools.

Rebecca Herold
Rebecca is an entrepreneur, author & was an Adjunct Professor for the Norwich University Master of
Science in Information Security & Assurance Program for 9 years where she also created program
curriculum. Rebecca led the NIST Smart Grid privacy group for 7 years and is a founding member of the
IEEE P1912 Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices Working Group; since June
2015. Rebecca has received numerous awards and recognitions for her work throughout the course of her
career and has written 19 books to date which include, The Practical Guide to HIPAA Privacy and Security
Compliance (2 editions), Data Privacy for the Smart Grid, The Privacy Papers and Managing an
Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program (2 editions).

Selected finalists to pitch at PwC Cybersecurity Day
After an international call for submissions, with more than 50 applications, PwC Luxembourg has selected five cybersecurity companies with relevant solution for the Luxembourgish market.
The Cybersecurity Solution of the Year Award will be conferred by the Jury and the audience to the candidate that demonstrates excellence at all levels, from strategy to execution during the Luxembourg Cybersecurity Week gala dinner, the same day evening – more information here .
The era where management considers that their organisations are not at stake due to the preventative controls they have put in place is over. Many of these controls run within existing IT departments that never received the right training to provide adequate and timely response during an incident. The more we become digitally dependent, and with the increase of connectivity regardless of the nature of the organisation or type of industry, the bigger the attack surface becomes. Attacks increase in volume and complexity making it difficult to stop them. With the integration of IoT and cloud adoption in our daily and professional lives it is crucial we do not repeat the errors from previous era. This is precisely why we made an extra effort this year to extend the time and range for submissions for the Pitching Competition 2019 looking to attract companies with unique solutions that address major cybersecurity concerns in the field of fraud & cybersecurity investigation or AI for cybersecurity using the latest technologies. We are very happy with the number and quality of the companies that submitted this year.
From these, we have selected five finalists who will pitch live at our Cybersecurity Day,” says Koen Maris, Director and Cybersecurity Leader at PwC Luxembourg.


This year, the five finalists are:
1. Asvin GmbH provides a distributed ledger secured update solution for the Internet of Things. IoT vendors and operators can organise the distribution of updates from sender to the IoT devices via cloud solution. Based on analytics of the status of firmware and patch distribution is providing reports for real time threat landscapes for IoT devices in operation.

Solution category: Infrastructure security
Headquarters: Germany

2. CyNation Limited
CyNation is an Integrated Risk Management company focused on managing the risks inherent in third-party ecosystems. Our Platform, CyDesk, automates the processes involved in managing digital risks and provides organisations with risk analytics and real-time visibility of their third-party risk exposure. CyDesk combines cyber security, compliance and other business risks like Know-Your-Business and Anti-Money Laundering into one dashboard. The platform’s risk fusion engine and unique AI triangulation technique allows clients to handle various types of digital and business risks.
Solution category: AI for Cyber
Headquarters: United Kingdom

3. RCDevs SA
OpenOTP Security Suite provides enterprise-grade security solutions suited for multi-factor authentication with OTP / FIDO, federation, identity management, PSD2 compliant secure transactions, electronic signature and SSH Key Management. RCDevs combine mobile technologies with proven security standards in order to offer the best alternative for professionals and non-professionals requiring cost-effective solutions compatible with their user’s mobility. Our unique Enterprise platform integrates seamlessly into any IT infrastructure and enables a centrally-managed security control center.
Solution category: IAM and MFA
Headquarters: Luxembourg

4. Reblaze
Reblaze is a cloud-based, fully managed protective shield for sites and web applications: a comprehensive web security solution that includes a next-gen WAF, DDoS protection, bot mitigation, scraping
prevention, CDN, load balancing, real time traffic control, and more. Machine learning provides accurate, adaptive threat detection. Dedicated Virtual Private Clouds ensure maximum privacy, performance, and protection. An intuitive web-based management console provides real-time traffic control. A two-week trial offer allows you to assess Reblaze with no cost, risk, or obligation.
Solution category: Web security
Headquarters: Israel

5. Segasec
Segasec is a Tel-Aviv based cyber-security startup providing end-to-end digital threat protection against consumer phishing attacks that originate in your blind spot – beyond the enterprise perimeter. Segasec’s patent-pending technology provides intelligence of upcoming attacks at the earliest possible preparation stages, running quadrillions of targeted scans that identify even unknown attack patterns. Segasec blocks compromised assets before they become a live risk, because once customer trust is broken, it’s already too late.
Solution category: Digital Threat Protection
Headquarters: Israel


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